Freedom to see



With an experienced professional, you are in good hands.


The latest and most advanced technology for the treatment of your eyes.


Decades of experience with presbyopia and cataract surgeries.

Laser eye

Experience gained from tens of thousands of surgical procedures provides peace of mind.

Freedom for your daily life

No more glasses after laser surgery –

live your life to the fullest!

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Enjoy your hobbies

No need for reading glasses after presbyopia operation. Enjoy your hobbies without glasses!

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”Presbyopia surgery was an easy experience”

MD, Specialist in Ophthalmology, Ophthalmic Surgeon

Our surgeons have performed thousands of surgical procedures for the correction of presbyopia, and they have also experienced the surgical procedure from a patient's point of view, which is why they know how easy this experience is and how much your quality of life improves!

Sol Eyes – professionals in eye surgery

Founded by experienced Finnish ophthalmic surgeons, Sol Eyes is a clinic specializing in ophthalmology and eye surgery. Our premises are first class, and we will treat you with the most advanced examination and surgical equipment, as well as the experience gained from decades of treating patients and performing tens of thousands of surgeries. Our experienced specialists will take care of you and your eyes!

Sol Eyes Vision Clinic is a pioneer of dry eye therapy in Spain.


MiBo Thermoflo is a newest in Europe and highly effective therapeutic device for the treatment of the dry eye syndrome. It employs a thermoelectric heat pump designed to provide a consistent temperature of 42C to the external eyelid surface. The goal of treatment is to liquefy the obstructed contents of the meibomian glands. The dual pure silver eye pad, which allows treating both the upper and the lower eyelids in the same time, transfers heat via applied ultrasound gel and directs it deep to the meibomian glands. Gentle, relaxing massage treatments give patients the immediate relief. At Sol Eyes Clinic we call Thermoflo for Eye Spa for its relaxing effect. Thermoflo sessions typically last 10 to 12 minutes and 3 sessions performed at two-week intervals are suggested for optimal results that usually last up to 6 month.